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Century Machinery Company, Serving the Telecommunications, Power Utility and Cable Television Industries

CMC is a manufacturer, distributor, repair and service center for equipment used by the contractors and companies of many industries. The products we sell and service are: cable lashers, A B chance chain hoist, overlash rollers, aerial cable tools and products underground and outside plant.

Aerial Cable Lashers

Cable lashers provide for securing a utility cable, such as a telephone or transmission cable, to a support strand strung in the air. The cable lasher traverses a span of the support strand, the lasher pays out a line of lashing wire that is helically wrapped around the cable and the strand to bind them together. A series of tensioning rollers maintains constant tension in the lashing wire at all times to ensure a tight uniform wind. A gearbox translates linear motion of the lasher along the guide wire into rotational motion of a drum portion of the lasher. The rotation of the drum causes the wrapping of the lashing wire about the cable and the strand. A one-way clutch allows the drum to rotate only in one direction when the clutch is engaged in order to prevent any slacking in the wound lashing wire.

Slang Terms for Cable Lashers and Equipment

The following are all alternate terms used by contractors in the cable and utility industries: Slapon roller, sheets, coffin rollers, soldger rollers, clothespin rollers, baby G's,pocket rollers, hoist & grip,socks, fingers, beckets,boat rollers, shermans,blocks. catch offs,hooks, belts, pork chop,dog, pengo,ancor cranker,line dog, linedawg,top hook, hooks belts.


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